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I have been working with Donna for many years. She has designed several book covers, Logos and web site banners for me. I love working with Donna because she diligently works on any project until the client is completely satisfied. She has the natural ability to see and capture the clients vision in all of her projects. Over the years Donna has become more than just my graphic artist, she’s also become part of my family.
Glenda A. Wallace
Founder/CEO of Pink Kiss Publishing Company

"Love Everything she has made me for my Talk Shows and Web Sites the past 5 years. Always Unique and reflect a part of you and the work that you do. Her prices are great and they are finished on time."
Donna is the epitome of what professional is. Her work and work ethics speak for themselves. She creates beautiful works and has securely planted her feet in the graphic design arena.
Kisha Green
Publisher & Radio Hostess
"In a word, FABULOUS!  My clients and I have worked with Donna on several projects such as book covers, logos, and graphic arts. Her creativity, vision, ambition, and turnaround are unparalleled."
Fran Briggs
Donna has an intuitive spirit and creative eye for visualizing exactly what your project needs.  Not only did she work with my illustrator on the Fur Cubs project, she took the project to new heights including banners, 3D ebook covers and so much more!  I couldn’t have asked for a better partner on a project so close to my heart.  She virtually puts 110% into your project as if it were her own.  Once I explained what I was trying to do and my mission, she put it to color, design and Voila!  I’ve been awestruck ever since!  Donna is very professional in detail, work and relationship with authors.  I’m blessed to have met her.  I didn’t just gain a graphic designer, I gained a friend. 
C. Lynne Luster
"Creations by Donna does magnificent work. I enjoy working with her and having her to create graphic designs for Tranquil Moments LLC."
Nicole Bradley, CEO of Tranquil Moments LLC 
Creations By Donna, A.K.A.:  Donna, Friend, Mentor, Business Associate and last but not least, a Believer, has exhibited much more than this in her work on my particular project and I know she will do the same and more on ALL of my future projects as well.  Creations by Donna could be in another word  called 'Touched By Donna'...She is truly a Divine Creative Force and I am sure any project that she creates for you will have a measure of success above the rest.  I personally had to absolutely RUN to keep up with her.  I am used to always being the one done first, yet, I seem to always find Donna waiting on me, calmly tapping her fingers, waiting for my files to arrive.  As you work with Donna, you will scratch your head and wonder why you ever considered anyone else.  She is Before-time, not On-time and receives an Exceptional AAA+ in my book!  I can only express my extreme gratitude to have had the opportunity to have Donna bring my project to life, and even that isn't enough. 
Master Anonymous
Master Anonymous Publishing
Sir Goodlebug,
Magical Forest 
I have seen several of Donna's works and they are all outstanding! I will definitely recommend her to anyone in need of graphic design work.
Seymour Greenidge-Blake


 There are very few people in this world who I consider a friend as well as a business colleague.  I met Donna in 2006 when I had an idea for writing my first book.  She was doing great work and I was actually amazed at her talent.  After 4 years of many obstacles, ups and downs, and set-backs, I bumped into her again on Facebook!  Wow, I’m glad I did!!  We shared many stories of how God was blessing us and our visions for the future. 

As I came closer to finally finishing my book, Donna was there in my corner to cheer me on.  I shared my dreams and ideas with her for my cover design and the rest is absolutely amazing.  She took the idea that I had in my head and brought it to life!  I have talked to several graphic artists, but none of them could put MY idea on the cover of my book like Creation by Donna!

I will recommend her to anyone who wants quality artwork or any type of graphic design.  If you just allow her to get to know you and share your vision with her, she will bring it all into existence!!  Her pricing and quality of work is second to none.  I will definitely go back to her every time I need graphic designs…and you should too!  I feel so proud to show the world the outstanding work she’s done to make my dream a reality. 

Sharon Fox  

Author of Comfort Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul


 Donna was a life saver. My book cover from a previous company did not fit the the actually book. The book release date was within weeks. Donna came in and gave me the design that was amazing and beautiful. She is very friendly and professional. I'm glad that God sent Donna my way. She is truly amazing!

Angela Williamson

Author of Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population


  Words alone can't describe how I feel about Donna and her work.  Donna rescued me from a disastrous situation and went out of her way to help me.  Not only did she make my book cover, 3D e cover, and flyers but she became a friend in the process.  If you want someone that will work with you to showcase your vision to perfection than look no further, Creation by Donna is it.

Author of Airing Out Dirty Laundry, Latisha Patterson


Although our friendship is new, it's old. I'm really so very thankful that Donna talks and listens to God's still quiet voice.She has shown unexpected dedication to whatever project that has been asked of her. She has outstanding God given talents that she display in her creations.You will not be disappointed if you decide to give her a try. She's a beautiful soul!
Magenta Black
“I had the privilege of working with Donna for my first book “Driven”. She took the time to listen to my vision for a book cover and she nailed it. It was far better than I could have ever imagined. She is the ultimate professional and she is very passionate about her work.  He insight is exceptional and her work ethic to getting the job done right is second to none. She will 100% of the time make you look great. 
"Thanks Donna for all that you do.”
Chris Treece
When I met Donna (over the phone) it was through a mutual friend.  Never in my wildest dreams....did I think that we would hook up like we did....BUT GOD......this was such a learning and an experience for growth for me...God clearly showed me what He can do when allowed to be in charge, she is an awesome person and I truly love her spirit of giving.  When her dad was in ICU,she was working on my cover...who and where do you know they do that?  We allowed God to take control and He surely did! She is my Blessing! My Twin! and I love her dearly!  I love my book cover and everyone that has seen it is in awe of such simple magic.  My website is also a sight to behold! I am more than satisfied....I'm thankful!
V Shug
"If you are looking for someone that will put their all into your project and listen to what your concept is...then Creation By Donna is the one for you! A woman who trusts in God to direct her vision for your project, she has always come through 100% for us. Trust, integrity, creativity, are just a few of the business qualities you are sure to encounter as a client of hers. There are many companies out there, but not many offer what she does, at the level she does, and with the heart she does. Thank God for Facebook and for DSE being guided to her."
 For unique, one of a kind graphics and book covers, Creation By Donna is THEE place to be.  
Donna can take your vision and turn it into reality.  She's talented, compassionate and loyal.  Creations By Donna is the exclusive graphic designer for TDJ-Publishing, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  She dedicated to making sure that the client is satisfied with the work and will go above and beyond to get make sure the customer is happy. 
Donna created my book cover for Which Way To Turn and I must say that I am extremely pleased!!  An easy person to talk to, always has words of wisdom for her clients.  She's very intuitive and I as one of her clients can honestly say that she's there whenever I need her, for whatever reason.  Very well-rounded and uplifting.  I look forward to making more magic happen with Donna!!  You have no choice but to love her, because she loves freely!
I don't know where I'd be without Creations By Donna, or Donna herself.  She's a Godsend.
Author Lady LaC EO of TDJ-Publishing
Donna truly is God sent, she has made my project which was nothing into something giving me more faith in God trusting in people He sends my way, Donna is a blessing she's an encourager, a friend and a giver she brings the best out of you. I can say I am a witness to her God given gift and may God expand it more for His Glory, thanks Donna and I am looking forward to working with you in upcoming projects, God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family much love -  Barb
Barbara Payne Ministry
"I am one who believes that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that in this life we ALL, like the earth in which we live, go through seasons. Of course, there are more than just the four but it is the process and the changes that I wanted represented on the cover of my book 'Seasons of My Soul ~ A Poetry Girl's Prerogative.' Unfortunately, when the time came to have this design concept brought to fruition, it seemed impossible- until I met Donna! Having never met face-to-face, she was still able to see my vision and bring it to life! Working with her was truly a blessing and the end result gave a beautiful face to my words! Please stop by and see for yourself. Until the next time, Donna! Make God continue to bless the works of His hands- and yours!"
Danee Riggs
"A cover photo that Donna designed for an author caught my eye. I started paying attention to her posts and realized that her designs were well done and eye catching! I contacted Donna and she agreed to work on my project with me. I am happy to say that I am one satisfied customer! Donna saw my vision and created logos that I am proud to show off and use on my business material! Thank you Donna! "

Locksie Locks
A cover photo that Donna designed for an author caught my eye. I started paying attention to her posts and realized that her designs were well done and eye catching! I contacted Donna and she agreed to work on my project with me. I am happy to say that I am one satisfied customer! Donna saw my vision and created logos that I am proud to show off and use on my business material! Thank you Donna! 

Locksie Locks
Locksie Locks

Donna was a gem to work with. She was very professional and designed a fabulous book cover for me, with an on-time delivery--PRICELESS!

Lisa Maria Carroll
Author, Confessions of a Gold Digger


I've been a fan of Donna Osborn Clark  from years back. I always admire her work, and her work ethics. Donna is humble and gracious in  sharing, what God gave her, a passion for bringing art to life. In 2013, I finally got the opportunity to become one of her clients.The work she's done for me so far is phenomenal. Donna is my sister and friend and as long as God will's it Donna will be my graphic designer. I recommend Donna's service to anyone looking for good quality work.  May God continue to bless you Donna Osborn Clark. Love you!!!!

Author/Publisher Gayle "Delicious" Johnson                                                                                                                   

Jay Jay Publishing


 Ms. Donna is truly gifted by God to see with spiritual eyes.. - Rachel Ann

Rachel Ann - Author of  Moving Forward Step By Step


 My Bella Donna! She has the uncanny ability to reach into my mind and create the exact covers for the books in my mystery series in "The Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries", Aside of Murder and The Bamboo Killer.  The black and white noir cover picture directly parallel the story lines inside the novels. I found Donna patient, someone that knows how to listen and is open to change. She is a joy to work with, personally and professionally.

Brick ONeil, CRC
Author, Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries
Author, The Bamboo Killer
Author, Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0


I tell her often how amazing her talent is. However, I guess it would mean a lot more to express these thoughts to people that have no idea of how phenomenal Mrs. Donna Osborn Clark truly is. After having several average images created for my book cover, I knew I needed something more. I met with three graphic designers with the hopes they could assist me in taking my work to the next level; epic fail. Then something led me to a friend’s page that had recently written a book (Vytiman Voyce). That was August 30, 2013, by Oct 17, 2013 I had a cover that I loved business cards-banners-3-D images- post cards- event tickets- Facebook graphics and a logo for my company. When I came to her I only had a small scope of what a graphic designer could do for me and my business. Yes they are my images but it is her cyber paint brush that brings them to life. When someone can take your words and visually seduce the page with your dreams and hard work you have found a gem amongst an industry full of fake azz stones. That is what this woman can and will do for you. I am not related to Mrs. Donna she did not coach or pay me to give this testament to her amazing work. Simply said I have a good thing with her shame on you if you over look this blessing. 


As an author I try to be as creative as possible when it comes to my book covers. Creations by Donna has effectively help me achieve these results.  I chose them every time for my cover because I know they can create the impossible into the possible. 

Author Kennedee Devoe



As an author launching my first children’s book very soon, I needed a graphic artist to create marketing materials for me. Right from the start, Donna of Creations By Donna impressed me with her efficient, professional, and down to earth manner. I immediately felt confident in Donna’s skills. In that I had previously seen some of Donna’s work; I wasn't surprised when she presented me with awesome looking bookmarks, postcards, and banner samples; all at an affordable price. I highly recommend Creations By Donna to anyone needing marketing materials to promote their product. 

Vanessa Fortenberry,
Author of Mama, I Want to See God


 This has been a long walk, my life more so than the last couple of weeks_ but I want to take some time to say that I am so glad that I met you Donna Clark! Your work ethics are phenomenal, you are very gifted, and this has been such a pleasure working with you!!! I cannot wait to reveal to the world how you took my vision and what was created! Thank you for an extraordinary book cover, I do believe this is the best one yet but the best of Donna Clark is yet to come!!!!!! Thank you also for your kind talks and encouraging words_what a beautiful woman you are and one I will continue to do future business with!!!!!

Thank you for listening with your heart and becoming a part of my project!!!!!
D. Burke


More Coming Soon!