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Donna Osborn Clark
Donna Osborn Clark is a visual artist specializing in multiple mediums. Her art is filled with the spiritual essence that flows from her heart.  She was born in central Indiana in 1963 and today lives just south of Indianapolis, IN with her husband and sons. Self taught with no formal training working with only the gifts God has given her, she was told she started creating as early as several months’ old, finger painting with the green beans on her high chair table and from the first time she held a crayon there was no stopping her.
With a supportive family providing her with many creative outlets, her artistic grandmother was her source of inspiration and mentor. There was always a source of new mediums to explore and her Grandmother taught her to express herself thru art in an abundance of ways. Donna not only paints and does photography, but she creates custom graphics and web designs. This talented woman visualizes life in waves of color and design and people as the beautiful souls that they are. Her art is an extension of who she is whether using oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink or working in programs on the computer. Donna sums it up in one sentence. “I am always creating. It is like breathing to me.” With a deep spiritual background, she always makes sure that she asks the Creator to partner with her and speak through her before starting any new project.
Donna’s goal is to be a successful graphic artist; giving her clients custom one of a kind artwork that will help them reach their dreams. She is a firm believer in showing people that our gifts of love and respect for all will get us much farther than a college degree.
Currently, she has been working with several growing publishing companies designing book covers, illustrations and layout design for children’s books, and marketing materials. She has worked with some well-known Artists in the Entertainment world, creating their websites, promotional banners and CD covers using her gift of insight on how to enhance their personalities. Her artwork captures the unique gifts of each client and their creative endeavors. Upcoming projects include the launching of her own children's book that she has written and illustrated; that will be published through her co-owned publishing company Creative Unity Publishing. She is currently designing for The Gypsy Deva Blog Talk Radio Show and designing new original works as well as CD covers, book covers and logos for Artist’s all over the world.
One of her favorite pieces of work is the powerful graphic art honoring Rosa Parks. It is apparent that heaven was guiding her hands as she worked through the night. “Coming IntoThe Light” is a dedication to the suffering; bravery and freedom movement in the 60’s and is truly the perfect piece for the wall of those who love history and the woman who risked her life to bring light to the country in a very dark time.
Donna Osborn Clark is about bringing all of us into the light with her heart and soul and a pallet of many colors.

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